Discover our Petit Hotel in Mallorca and live the tradition in Es Pla

Discover our Petit Hotel in Mallorca and live the tradition in Es Pla
10/08/2017 rex4media

Descubre nuestro Petit Hotel en Mallorca y vive la tradición del Pla


Summer is a season full of joy, festivities, wanting to discover new things and have fun. The Pla de Mallorca has an infinite amount of options to make your summer unforgettable.

Our restaurant in Mallorca, Daica, is the best place to eat and to kick off a marvellous afternoon with the biggest events of the Pla.

In continuation, we will show you different plans that you could make this summer in the Pla de Mallorca.


Llubí: different plans a few metres way from the Petit Hotel in Mallorca

The Petit Hotel and restaurant Daica can be found in the small and traditional town of Llubí. In this charming town you will find different places to visit.

Every Tuesday there is a weekly market from 9am to 1pm.

On the 1st of August the fiesta de San Félix is celebrated, the patron saint of the town. This festivity has street parties, different events with cornets and drums and lots of fun. The town church holds the name of the patron saint San Félix. In this church parish, you will find daily masses.

A few metres from the town you will find the Talaiot de Es Racons. The talaiots and parts of the old fortress’ wall have been conserved. Another option is to visit the different windmills that originally were used to manufacture flour, in example the molino de Can Moreu, of Can serra or of Can Corbera.

There are lots of different plans that you can enjoy near to our restaurant Daica.


Plans in the Pla de Mallorca, near to our restaurant in Mallorca

The Pla de Mallorca is characterised by its celebrations and street parties during the summer months. We are going to highlight two celebrations during the month of August which centre more on street parties.

Every second Sunday of August the Embala’t in Sencelles is celebrated. A festivity that makes reference to mowing to which you don’t have a chance of coming out clean.

Every year on the 14th of August Sineu Es Much is celebrated, a celebration that is characterised by its dress of the visitors, which is of the colour pink. This celebration is centred in parodying the popular festivals of the island.

At the end of the month and start of September you can find the patron saint celebrations of some towns such as Ariany or Maria de la Salud.

You can also visit our post about all the different museums of the Pla (Link 1) to find out which are the best options for you.




Our restaurant in Mallorca is the perfect place for you to dine at

At Daica we offer a tasting menu that combines tradition and the most typical produce from the island with a very special Catalonian touch. If you want to surprise someone with an enjoyable meal we have three different gift packages. The first package has a tasting menu for the people you wish to gift it to. The second package includes the tasting menu plus drinks and finally, the third package, includes all of the previous options plus a night in the hotel room. Discover the different gift vouchers.


Restaurant Daica: make the most of the gastronomy of the Pla de Mallorca

If you were thinking of attending one of these celebrations, we encourage you to have in mind our restaurant in Mallorca. You could enjoy the most traditional food with a special touch.

Don’t miss this opportunity and reserve now to live the Daica experience.