At our restaurant and petit hotel in Mallorca we’re excited for the Fira de la Mel 2017

At our restaurant and petit hotel in Mallorca we’re excited for the Fira de la Mel 2017
08/11/2017 rex4media

At our restaurant and petit hotel in Mallorca we’re excited for the Fira de la Mel 2017


As many of you know, Llubí is the place where you will find DaiCa Restaurant and Petit Hotel. This municipality of the Pla de Mallorca is known for its works in beekeeping. Celebrated here is the famous Fira de la Mel, the sweetest fair in all of Mallorca and perhaps the most anticipated day by the Llubinerians.

Each year, on the third Sunday of November, celebrated is the fair that displays a great and exclusive show surrounding the world of the bee. If you’re thinking of going, this year it will be held on the 19th of November.

The Fira de la Mel is dedicated to an activitiy which has been practised since the 14th century. Beekeepers from all of the Balearic Islands partake in this day. Amongst all of their works you can see and buy products related to honey; there are tasty samples and expositions that you can’t miss out on. Also you can observe a honeycomb so that you see the bees working live in action.

Aswell as the marvellous Fira de la Mel, in Llubí you can visit the Museo de Apicultura (beekeepers museum) which has a private collection of materials surrounding bees. This compilation made by Bernat Lliteras combines 150 objects elaborated across 30 years. Discover the evolution which beekeeping has undergone through its tools, methods and materials.


Dine in Daica, your restaurant in Mallorca

After spending the morning going through the fair and wetting your appetite with some of the tasty treats they offer, it’s time to eat. Daica, your restaurant in Mallorca is found very close by to where the Fira de la Mel is celebrated, in which you could enjoy an exquisite tasting menu created and elaborated by our chef Caterina Pieras.

It is a creative menu which respects in every way the essence of the product, it is made up of six tasting samples. The price of the menu is 45 euros.

Also, we have other menus with which to awaken your five senses. We want to offer only the best for you and your guest whom with you can give the gift of a unique experience.  Surprise someone with some fantastic flavours and tastes.

You can reserve at our restaurant in Mallorca by calling or filling out a form online.


Sleep at Daica Petit Hotel in Mallorca

To end a magical day and full of experiences, Daica Petit Hotel is the best option. Rest and enjoy Mediterranean gastronomy at once.

The small hotel is a traditional Mallorcan house in the centre of the town, ideal for disconnecting from the city and relaxing with a bath with Ecologic Cosmetics.

Our bedrooms are spaces where there is an air of well-being, tranquillity and tradition. It is the starting point for getting to really know Mallorca.

Reserve your room now at Daica Petit Hotel in Mallorca.