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Welcome to DaiCa. For a few hours or perhaps even a few days, this is your home. We are here to offer you a pleasant stay and a friendly, honest, heartfelt and intense culinary experience. Like the daring illusionist who performs his magic under the noses of his guests, we do ours. Our culinary proposal is equally daring, exciting and immediate: close, but without artifice.

Welcome to Llubí. We found our favourite little place in the world in the quiet inland village of Llubí, in the north-east of Mallorca, at the beginning of 2012. Since then, we have transformed what was a traditional Mallorcan house in the centre of the village from a grocer’s shop stocked with cold cuts and sausages into a charming boutique hotel with three double rooms plus a signature restaurant. Canned and distilled products, capers, dried aniseed and the bittersweet liqueur “Palo de Mallorca” are some of the locally made delicacies for which Llubí is famous.

Welcome to the rural heart of Mallorca, land of almond, fig and carob trees. Far from mass tourism, the county where Llubí is located is known as the Pla de Mallorca, a plain dotted with small hills, which is the most agricultural and least populated part of Mallorca. The gentle rolling slopes covered with bushes and pine trees among which the crops grow, this is the landscape that inspires us every day! Historically, the “Pla” has always been the island’s pantry, and today it’s also that of DaiCa.




80€ (VAT Included)

True to its name, “Festa” is a real feast for the palate, a tasting menu that transcends tradition to reinvent and reinterpret it with complete freedom. The result is a sequence of boldly creative dishes whose originality serves to enhance the flavour. Bite-sized portions bombard you with new flavours and textures almost constantly. Nine dishes that turn into a lot of food through which you’ll discover the more adventurous and contemporary side of DaiCa. Local signature cuisine that will surprise and delight you!

NOTE: Upon request, vegetarian and vegan options can be offered for our De Temporada (seasonal) and Festa (festive) menus.


55€ (VAT Included)

If you want to taste the flavours of Mallorca at any time of the year, we propose our “De Temporada” menu, which changes with the seasons. Local products, harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, are the absolute protagonists of the varied dishes that make up this menu. Our chef’s mission is to bring out their full flavour and exploit their immense freshness and rich nutritional properties. Ours is to bring the land and its phenomenal products, or rather, the whole countryside surrounding DaiCa, to your table for you to savour the essence and get the heartbeat of our Pla de Mallorca!




*The packs are valid until 30th November 2023.


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Once you have received your gift card, your reservation can be made via email info@daica.es or by calling us on: (+34) 686 00 16 04