Sans&Sans dedicates a tea to our restaurant in Mallorca

Sans&Sans dedicates a tea to our restaurant in Mallorca
02/12/2017 rex4media

Sans&Sans dedicates a tea to our restaurant in Mallorca


In the beginning of August, we welcomed a very special guest at Daica Restaurant, who visits our restaurant in Mallorca every summer: Salvador Sans, owner of Sans&Sans – La casa de té in Barcelona. On this occasion we served him a dish called Ginet de Sant Joan a Llubí, a dessert we created especially for the celebrations for Sant Feliu in Llubí, a date when also Sant Joan is honored. The idea for this dessert is related to the celebrations for Sant Joan in Ciutadella, therefore the ingredients we used were hibiscus, cardamom, Hierbas liquor, and of course, lemon and Xoriguer gin.

This dessert inspired Mr. Sans to create a new tea paying tribute to the taste of this special drink, which gives its unique character to the traditional festivities for Sant Joan. A taste which reminds us of hot summer days, patron saints celebrations, verbenas and eternal night full of joy. The tea created by Sans&Sans is naturally called GINET and is a green tea with pieces of lemon, hibiscus, cardamom, fennel, juniper berries and sunflowers, and as Sans&Sans states that this creation is supposed “to bring the most popular tastes of the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean summer to your cup”.


Daica Restaurant & Petit Hotel in Mallorca thanks Sans&Sans – La casa de té in Barcelona

At Daica Restaurant & Petit Hotel we think that Mr. Sans didn’t fail to perfectly capture this taste with his creation, and further we are very proud to have taken part in the process of a culinary creation we usually don’t have at our restaurant in Mallorca.

Many thanks to Salvador Sans and the whole team of Sans&Sans!

We look forward to seeing you next summer!


The sample we got from Sans&Sans – La casa de té in Barcelona:

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