What’s new for the 2018 season at our restaurant in Mallorca?

What’s new for the 2018 season at our restaurant in Mallorca?
26/03/2018 Daica

What’s new for the 2018 season at our restaurant in Mallorca?

Our restaurant in Mallorca has been closed to the public over the last few months of winter. Behind the closed shutters and curtains we have been busy moving things, renewing concepts, discovering new products and coming up with new creations so that you can enjoy our restaurant in Llubí even more in 2018. In this article we present all our latest news for this year and everything we have prepared for DaiCa Restaurant i Petit Hotel in Mallorca.


The best local produce for the dishes we create at our restaurant in Mallorca

At DaiCa we feel very much connected to the earth, and that is why it is so important that the products we use in each and every one of our dishes are sourced here in our region, as well as being of the best quality. At Terranova Balears we have found a provider who can offer us what we were looking for: the chance to grow our own organic vegetables and herbs to use in our culinary creations. We are very proud and excited to be able to enjoy our first harvest this year, featuring beetroot, peas and wild asparagus, as well as flowers and herbs which canprovide a finishing and unique touch to every dish.


Handmade ceramic pieces for our culinary creations

We feel that our cuisine is based on passion, dedication and a deep love for our island, and as such we feel we cannot serve it on any old ceramic plate which can be bought at a department store. Instead our plates and dishes must reflect the same values as the food which we serve on them. The above is just one of the reasons why we have fallen in love with artist Maria Ramis de Felanitx’s work: individual pieces, made by hand by a woman who is passionate about her craft. We love the idea of each plate being unique and we feel that this beautiful ceramic dinnerware provides the perfect backdrop for our culinary creations.



The perfect pairing for each of our dishes

So we have the food and the china covered, what’s left? Exactly! The wine. Without the perfect wine-pairing, there is no gastronomic experience. To complete each dish, we require the perfect companion, a fine wine, whether it be red, white or rosé. To find the wines which best complement our culinary work, we travelled to the locality of Haro, in the heart of Spain’s most famous wine region, La Rioja. There we visited the Roda and Murga wineries, to taste and select the wines which we felt best complemented each and every one of the dishes they are to accompany.


A new experience package with which to enjoy our restaurant and Petit Hotel in Mallorca

Last, but not least, we are happy to announce that there will be a fourth experience package with which to enjoy our restaurant and Petit Hotel in Mallorca to the fullest. This package is the perfect gift for your loved ones, as it includes a 9 course tasting menu – and we have already told you about our own harvest which guarantees that our cuisine will be even tastier this year – with drinks, as well as a night for two at our Petit Hotel with a complementary bottle of Cava.



We invite you to discover all our news for yourself, at our restaurant in Mallorca

So now you know all about what we have been renewing and improving over the last few months. If this has made you want to try our new concepts for yourself, we invite you to book a table at our restaurant in Llubí or to give someone our comprehensive gift package for a meal and overnight stay at Daica Restaurant i Petit Hotel in Mallorca. We hope you enjoy all our new concepts and improvements for the 2018 season.