Petit Hotel Mallorca| Daica, in the heart of the island

Petit Hotel Mallorca| Daica, in the heart of the island
29/09/2016 rex4media

Petit Hotel Mallorca: Daica, in the heart of the island


Our rural hotel in Mallorca: Why is it something special?

Our Petit Hotel is located in an old, traditional mallorcan townhouse embracing a lot of history, which served as housing but also as a butcher shop, before it was modified into a small family-run hotel in Mallorca. Unlike the big hotel complexes in many places, our hotel is integrated perfectly into the small town, precisely because it has always been part of it. Situated right next to the Plaça and the church, you can start feeling like a real mallorquín and discover the authentic village life in a town which remained original.


Petit Hotel in Mallorca with charme and personality

Furthermore, our small hotel in Mallorca remarks for its private and familiar ambience. On one hand because our Petit Hotel has just three double-rooms, on the other because it’s family-run by David and Cati.


Rural hotel in Mallorca: Regionally based Culinary delight

Luckily it’s not difficult to get highest culinary delight staying at our hotel, since you can enjoy a first-class dinner in our restaurant, which is located in the same building.


Discover and enjoy Mallorca

Llubí is located in the heart of Mallorca, which is hardly developed for tourism, even though here you can still feel the original culture and the mallorcan soul. Beautiful, wide landscapes with precious fields, fragrant olive and citrus fruit tree groves as well as herds of sheep and goats. Almost no other place is better to discover the real Mallorca. Become active, by foot or by bike, especially during winter and spring is the perfect time to discover the island the sportive way.


Petit Hotel in Mallorca: a special experience

So if you’re looking for vacation far away from the big hotels in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy top class meals from the direct surroundings, you’ll be perfectly happy at our hotel. Because in our Petit Hotel gastronomy, tradition und the tranquil location of Llubí perfectly fit together.