Welcome spring in El Pla, the heart of the island, in our Petit Hotel in Mallorca

Welcome spring in El Pla, the heart of the island, in our Petit Hotel in Mallorca
13/03/2017 rex4media

Welcome spring in El Pla, the heart of the island, in our Petit Hotel in Mallorca


After the especially hard winter we have had this year, we are looking forward to the arrival of spring. Mallorca looks particularly good in spring and not just because of the good weather – which allows us to enjoy the beautiful scenery – but also because of the wonderful spring scenes we can contemplate. All great reasons to spend a weekend in El Pla at the beginning of spring. How about spending it in our rural hotel in the heart of Mallorca?


The poppy fields, an opportunity to take some stunning photos near our Petit Hotel

Spring is synonymous with poppies. These flowers form a red carpet for the spring to dance on. All over Mallorca you can see these beautiful fields, including El Pla, so if you want to see them, just go out into the country! If, in addition, you like taking photos –and you aren’t allergic to these flowers – you will have the opportunity to take some really spectacular pictures. The poppy fields make a fantastic backdrop.



Go hiking: the best way to submerge yourself in the Mallorcan spring

The best way to explore the beginning of spring, the awakening of its colours and its flowers is, without a doubt, is to go hiking, Llubi, where our Petit Hotel is situated, is a very good place to experience the essence of the Pla de Mallorca. Around Llubi there are hiking itineraries of varying difficulty so this could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the spring at your own pace.


Rural Hotel in Mallorca: discover the scenery and deep rooted tradition of El Pla

With the arrival of the good weather, taking a trip to the country combining scenery and cultural tradition is an attractive proposal. If you decide to go, we can recommend a walk to the Talaiot des Racons, situated on the road from Llubi to Sineu. Total immersion in ancient Mallorca and the prehistorical monuments which belong to a unique culture which you will only see in the Balearic Islands: the talayotica culture. The central part of Mallorca, which is also called El Pla, has rich, deep rooted traditions which make it, according to many people, the essence of the island. If you want to discover more, we advise you to have a look at this article on the attractions of the Pla de Mallorca.



La Festa de l’Ermita, popular tradition just a few steps away if you are staying in our Petit Hotel

Spring also signifies traditional festivities. With the start of the good weather and nature coming out in all its glory, the small towns of Mallorca bustle with festivities and different activities. The Festa d l’Ermita is held in Llubi on the first Tuesday after Easter.

This festivity starts with a climb up to the Shrine of Santo Cristo del Remedio. This is traditionally done on foot but nowadays it is possible to drive there. Afterwards there is a mass with the “cants del goigs” (joyous songs), traditional religious music characteristic of Catalan speaking areas.

After the pure religious part of the celebration, the Festa de l’Ermita dispalys a lot of leisure events such as sportive activities, drawing contests, traditional dances, food tasting and much more.

The Festa de l’Ermita is just one of the traditional festivities held in Llubi, a town which, moreover, has lots of other attractions. If you want to find out more about it, consult our blog article about the charms of Llubí.


Spring nights in El Pla: Peace and quiet in DaiCa, your rural hotel in Mallorca

And to finish, there is nothing better than to enjoy the countryside in the nights of early spring. Moments to breathe in the warm and fragrant air and to relax and let your mind roam in the silence of the night. If this appeals to you, you can dine in our restaurant and stay overnight in our Petit Hotel. We have three experience packages with the first two being focused on gastronomy and the third including accommodation. Choose whichever suits you best!

Here you can discover what exactly is a Petit Hotel in Mallorca.